Faster, Easier & Accurate Item Verification & Real-time Pallet Tracking
using the Power of AI Vision

Prevent Inventory Loss using the Power of AI Vision

Inventory management has always been a challenge, with perishable goods. The shorter the product’s shelf life, the greater is the the risk of inventory loss.

FIFO (First-In-First-Out) inventory management is an ideal method to manage these risks, where the older stock is first moved out of the warehouse.

WARETRAC enables Item Verification, Pallet Tracking & Guided Pick up using cameras & mobile devices for handling perishable goods using FIFO method

Complete Visibility to improve fullfillment

AI enables

AI enables Operational Controls & Visibility beyond Normal Functionality

Utilize Cameras & Locating Capabilities to Organize Work & Optimize Space

Go beyond Regular RF Scanning with Automated Item Recognition

Set Alerts & Triggers to Manage Non-Standard Functions

We go the extra mile to provide Complete Visibility into Inventory

Real-time Visibility

Dock Door, Unloading, Staging, Storage Areas, QC, Loading

Dynamic Product Storage

Capture Put Away Location with Pallet Details, Live Camera View

FIFO Pickup

Guided Pickup based on Age of the Product

Advanced Pallet Tracking

Plan Storage, Verify Actual Quantities with WMS & Put Away Error Alerts

Exception Handling

Unrecognized/Missing Barcode, Damaged Item, HazMat & Special Instructions

Seamless Integration

Easy Integration with your existing WMS/ERP using APIs

We go the extra mile to provide Complete Visibility into Inventory

  • Faster Barcode scanning & Text Data Extraction using Cameras and Mobile devices
  • Item Detection & Reconciliation
  • Put Way using Warehouse Maps, Cameras and AR
  • Tracking Pallet and Capturing Put Away location using Surveillance Cameras
  • Real-time Inventory Visibility using Floor Map & Live Camera view
  • Guided Pickup for locating pallets with items based on FIFO rules

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Leverage AI Vision to Manage Your Inventory Efficiently, Reduce Risks & Gain a Competitive Edge


Unleash the Power of AI Vision to Enhance Your Business Value

Enhanced Productivity

Improved Quality Control

Reduce the Risk of Inventory Loss

Eliminate Dispatch of Wrong Items

Efficient Stock Rotation

Improved Customer Satisfaction

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