Dock doors serve as the entry and exit points in the warehouses for loading and unloading consignments. The doors used for receiving consignments are called inbound doors whereas the ones used for shipping the consignments are called outbound doors. In some cases the same dock doors serve as both receiving and shipping doors.
Inbound operations include unloading of consignments, inspection such as label verification, transporting and placing the inventory at ideal locations. Outbound operations include picking items against the order list, inspection, packaging, labelling, loading onto trucks and shipping.
Currently, due to the lack of real-time visibility of dock door and unloading/loading area availability in a warehouse, leads to operational inefficiencies and increase in carrier charges.
Automated dock doors tracking will alert about the availability of doors in real-time for the incoming shipments. The warehouse manager will be able to remotely visualize and monitor them.

TechVision+ automation helps you improve speed and quality of your operations with intelligent vision and smart alerts

TechVision+ proposes automating the capture of dock door, unloading and loading area availability using AI and Computer Vision and update the details and status events in WMS/TMS using API integration. Also, the tracking event messages can be sent to 3PL’s or Carriers

Our solution is used for automated monitoring of dock doors. The platform will automatically and in real-time:

  • Monitor dock door to check if a truck is docked
  • Raise instant alert on arrival of the truck at the dock door and also on the departure of it
    It ensures:

    • Eliminating receiving and shipping delays
    • Providing real-time visibility to Staff & Transporters on Dock Door Delays & Availability


Proposed Improvements and Benefits:
Real-time synchronization of Warehouse data with WMS, TMS, Carrier, Supplier/Customer


TechVision+ Insight


Arrival of Truck at Warehouse Security Gate
  • Capture Gate Entry Time
  • Check Availability of Dock Door/Unloading Area
  • Auto assignment of available Dock Door
  • Notify Carrier of changes in planned Dock Door
Truck Arrival/Departure at Dock Door Capture Truck Arrival & Departure Times Notify Delays in Docking & Undocking
Truck Departure from Warehouse Security Gate Capture Gate Exit Time Notify Yard Entry/Exit Times & Delays
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