Automating and optimizing your warehouse operations is no easy task. TechVision+ is an advanced AI-assisted platform for the warehouse environment. It helps organizations from the moment a package is received at your warehouse till it is dispatched using Computer Vision solutions. Our platform includes some of the most innovative features in the industry today and is optimized for high-volume fulfillment centers, 3PL companies and cross-dock facilities.

Our warehouse optimization platform leverages vision analytics to bring automation and real-time visibility to your inbound (receiving to put-away) and outbound (pick & pack to shipment) processes.

Our Solutions

  • Dock Door Tracking
    • Real-time tracking of dock doors using cameras
    • Alerts on dock door availability, truck arrival & departure
  • Real-time Area Visibility
    • Complete visibility into warehouse spaces
    • Indicate available storage areas on the floor for put away planning
  • Smart Item Detection & Verification
    • Scan barcodes and read text of the carton
    • Instant reconciliation against receipts & customer orders
    • Identify wrong items & packages that need a QC check
  • Real-time Pallet Tracking
    • Guided Put Way using Warehouse Maps, Cameras and AR
    • Capture exact put away location for pallet tracking
    • Real-time inventory visibility using floor map & live camera view
    • Guided Pickup for locating Pallets with items based on FIFO rules
  • Pick and Pack Optimization
    • Automating current manual inspection process of packed goods
    • Faster item verification and counting and callout missing/wrong items
    • Accurate counting of packets being loaded in a crate
  • Automated Box Dimensions Measurement
    • Recommendations for carton/package space optimization based on dimensions & weight
    • Truckload Planning based on cargo volume & weight
  • Real-time People & Equipment Tracking
    • Tracking people using IoT tags
    • Tracking availability of forklifts and their location for task interleaving
  • Goods condition capture for proof
    • Package condition capture at the time of unloading, after packing, and before shipment

Intelligent vision for better outcomes

TechVision+ helps in handling exceptions, reducing errors, automating package verification, optimizing pick and pack process, and tracking people & vehicles in the warehouse utilizing innovative intelligent vision solutions.

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