A reputed power and energy products manufacturing company with factories in Hyderabad, India approached us for an automated inspection of their PCB manufacturing process.

Tech Vedika has built the AI-powered inspection solution leveraging its TechVision+ platform using Cameras for capturing PCB views at different stages of the manufacturing process for component classification and defect detection & classification.


  • Inspection of PCBs used in Battery Power Control and Train Collision Avoidance Systems
  • The manufacturing process comprises of both robotic machine automation as well as manual assembly stages
  • Small component size and high density of components in PCB requires high manual efforts
  • Need for automating the current QA Process for PCB Component Assembly to improve productivity and reduce defects

TechVision+ leverages 2D & 3D cameras that identifies and eliminates defective products before they can harm your brand

Platform Overview

 TechVision+ Inspect is a next-generation platform utilizing intelligent vision in manufacturing PCB’s with zero defects. Our smart vision-inspection provides benefits increasingly valued by electronic and component manufacturing companies including:

  • Barcode Reading and PCB Identification
  • Component Segmentation and Classification
  • Defect Detection and Classification
  • Component Assembly Verification
  • Component Presence or Absence
  • OCR for Component Information Capture

Intelligent Vision for Better Outcomes

TechVision+ ensures that each & every component, rather than a random sample of components, is inspected and avoids rejection and remanufacturing of entire batches while also reducing the likelihood of defective products being shipped.


  • Setup of Cameras for capturing the PCB images at each stage of the manufacturing process
  • Golden PCB Images used to compare the Test PCB Image for component verification and defect detection
  • Deep Learning and Vision Analytics Algorithms developed for Component Identification & Defect Classification
  • Leveraged PCB CAD files data for improving QA accuracy


  • QA Cycle Time improvement of 60-80%
  • Defect Detection accuracy improvement by 20-25%
  • Rework post-manufacturing eliminated completely


  • Moved to an automated QA process where the product and its individual components are monitored, and quality tested as they are being manufactured
  • Elimination of random sampling of components and rejection and remanufacture of an entire batch
  • Adherence to manufacturing & regulatory standards
  • Increase in product quality and reduction of manual QA overhead
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